A front-end developer with a background in design and a penchant for simplifying user experiences. From designing point-perfect print pieces to developing cutting-edge user interfaces, I've had the fortune of experiencing wildly varied applications of design thinking. In recent years, I've found a passion for front-end development. Though my preferred work lives in a code editor, my experience allows me to contribute a unique outlook to discussions surrounding strategy and user experience.


  • Freelance present

    Working independently. Producing full-stack design and development, UX and strategic consultation, and printed materials for client and personal projects.

  • Digital Telepathy Mar 2012 – Sept 2015

    Front-end developer at Digital Telepathy. Lead project-based development teams, produced front-end code for websites and web apps, and participated in UX, strategic, and visual design consultation for varied client accounts and internal projects.

  • Riotlabel Design Group Mar 2009 – Sept 2009

    Co-founder, designer, and front-end developer at Riotlabel Design Group. Lead design, front-end development, and maintenance of client websites.

  • Custom Web Apps Nov 2008 – Mar 2009

    Front-end designer and developer at Custom Web Apps. Designed, developed front-end code, and maintained client websites.

  • Graphic Design, BS June 2008

    Studied Graphic Design at Pacific Union College


  • Translating design

    Often serving as a liaison between design and the rest of the world, my background in design helps me foster communication between the two. I excel when working with designers and conveying the intent behind design thought.

  • Strategic thinking

    The story doesn't begin or end simply with writing code. Equally comfortable in front of a whiteboard or a keyboard, I'm especially adept at understanding the bigger objectives and concepting wholistic solutions.

  • Front-end architecture and development

    Before committing a single line, I have a knack for selecting the right suite of front-end technologies to meet today's goals and ease tomorrow's maintenance. And my comfort with those technologies allows me to handle everything from minor copy updates to creating custom parallax libraries.

  • Rampant curiosity

    As a friend of new ideas, I'm always excited to learn about and try a new language, tool, or way of thinking about a problem. This has also produced a broad spectrum of personal knowledge that I can draw from to help solve problems.

Tools & Technologies

  • Markup and Styles

    While I'm completely comfortable writing vanilla HTML and CSS, I prefer using preprocessors to generate the expected output. In my experience, the differences between most of them are minimal, but my favorites are HAML for HTML and SCSS for CSS.

  • JavaScript

    Over the years, I've adopted the style of object-oriented programming for most JavaScript I write. I am very familiar with jQuery to ease and expedite JS development. However, with the growth of Node.js, my appreciation and use of JavaScript has evolved considerably.

  • Front-end frameworks

    When it comes to styles and basic interaction, I've been known to bend Bootstrap to the will of the design. Intrigued by many JS frameworks, I have a working knowledge of React and Angular.

  • Task Runners

    I get excited when I have an opportunity to automate anything. For this, I frequently used Node.js-based tools like Gulp and Grunt. Though not task runners officially, I'm also well-versed in dependency management tools like NPM and Bower. And as a Ruby-ist in my free time, I'm familiar with Rake, Thor, and Bundler.

  • Static-site Generators

    When applicable, I enjoy using static-site generators to speed up and ease development. The robust Ruby-based Middleman is my first choice as extending its functionality is a breeze. But I've also been known to roll my own custom tailored build systems using Gulp.

  • Back-end and other languages

    Ruby is my go-to non-front-end language. I often write and run .rb files for specialized tasks. I'm also comfortable with Rails and Sinatra. Recently, I've explored a growing interest and comfort with Python. I also know my way around PHP, and, specifically, its use in WordPress.

  • Design tools

    I'm very comfortable in Adobe's Creative Cloud applications and tools for their wide variety of uses. Also, I'm familiar with InVision as a tool for design communication and prototyping.

  • Miscellaneous

    A few years ago, a colleague joked that I'd taken the "oath of the command line" when I ditched a GUI version control app. Turns out he was right as I routinely juggle a few command line prompts to manage my workflow. Speaking of version control, I'm most comfortable with Git, though I've used SVNGitHub and their suite of tools. When writing and reading code, Sublime Text is my editor of choice.


  • Contact

    If you'd like to get in touch, please don't hesitate to send me an email: b [at] bradleykenyon [dot] com

  • References

    Available by request.

  • PDF Resume

    A PDF version of my resume is available here: http://bradleykenyon.com/bradley-kenyon-resume.pdf