Bradley Kenyon

A full-stack software engineer and UX/UI designer with a penchant for optimizing user experiences and making data-informed decisions. From designing and developing cutting-edge user interfaces to running growth initiatives, I've had the fortune of contributing to many phases throughout a project's lifecycle. My experience has given me comfort tackling new challenges and a unique perspective when solving problems.

Experience & Education


Working independently. Producing full-stack design and development, UX and strategic consultation, and printed materials for client and personal projects.

Varsity TutorsJan 2016 – Apr 2019

Full-stack Software engineer & UX designer at Varsity Tutors. Lead various programs with data-based approaches, actively mentored junior-level team members, and produced everything from visual designs to full-stack features to performance analysis based on the project’s requirements.

Digital TelepathyMar 2012 – Sept 2015

Front-end developer at Digital Telepathy. Lead project-based development teams, produced front-end code for websites and web apps, and participated in UX, strategic, and visual design consultation for varied client accounts and internal projects.

Riotlabel Design GroupMar 2009 – Sept 2009

Co-founder, designer, and front-end developer at Riotlabel Design Group. Lead design, front-end development, and maintenance of client websites.

Custom Web AppsNov 2008 – Mar 2009

Front-end designer and developer at Custom Web Apps. Designed, developed front-end code, and maintained client websites.

Graphic Design, BSJune 2008

Studied Graphic Design at Pacific Union College.


Translating between Design and Development

Often serving as a liaison between design and development teams, my background in both helps me foster communication between the two. I effectively help explain the root concerns and goals for each side to arrive at solutions that work for all.

Strategic Thinking & Technical Architecture

Recalling past pain points and anticipating future opportunities simultaneously is one of my core strengths. I have a knack for selecting the right suite of technologies and strategies to meet today’s goals and ease tomorrow’s maintenance.

Data-informed Thinking

Whether running a growth marketing initiative or settling an intrateam stylistic dispute, I believe in letting objective data be the guide. After identifying key metrics, I collect and analyze the data, let the results inform any decisions, and then start the process again.

Rampant Curiosity

As a friend of new ideas, I’m always excited to learn about and try new technologies, tools, or ways of thinking about problems. This has also produced a broad spectrum of personal knowledge from which I can draw to help solve problems.

Skills & Tools


Effective communiation based on audience, Attention to detail & organization, Adaptibility, Drive to make things better, Scrum & Agile, DRY & modular code, Object-oriented programming


HTML & templating systmes (HAML, Handlebars, etc...), CSS & preprocessors (SASS, LESS, etc...), JavaScript & JS libraries (React, jQuery, etc...), Node & NPM/Yarn, Backend languages (Ruby, PHP, etc...), Backend frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, etc...), Git, Design tools (Adobe CC, InVision, etc...), Spreadsheets


To contact me, please email: [email protected]

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References available by request.