Digital Telepathy offers a quick turn-around, single-page service called IMPRESS. I was the developer on various IMPRESS project teams. While these projects could be quite a challenge given their fast time lines, I often took advantage of them as an opportunity to try new technologies or methodologies within the code. They also served as a great way to cut my teeth in building interactions. Links to a few of the IMPRESS projects on which I was the developer can be found below.


  • Staying in touch with the project

    Instead of jumping in at the end and writing the code, it was important to stay in communication with the rest of the team, throughout, to understand their challenges and help come up with solutions to set the project up for success by the time it got to being coded.

  • Trying something new

    Again, these projects often gifted me with an opportunity to test something new in the code. It was on one of these projects, in fact, that I first rolled my own static-site builder using Gulp.

  • Leaving the comfort zone

    The design team typically gave particularly challenging requests on these projects — everything from new interactions to specific responsive behavior. It was nerve-racking to start writing code without a clear idea of how something would be written, but always a rewarding learning opportunity.

*Phantom Cyber and Mega are now using the original single pages we created as their current home pages